What To Expect During Your First Massage Session

As my very first blog post, I thought it would be appropriate to talk about what you, as a new client, should expect when visiting a massage therapist for the first time. Just as I am feeling a little exposed right now as I start my first blog, you may feel vulnerable when you prepare for your first visit. This is expected and perfectly normal. The relationship that you share with your massage therapist is a very personal one. But, it is also important that you feel comfortable in order to really enjoy the benefits of your massage session.

Choosing The Right Type Of Therapist

When a person is thinking about getting a massage, they are normally looking to treat some type of pain or for relaxation purposes. Depending on which of these goals you have in mind, you should look for a therapist that specializes in that type of treatment.

Relaxation This type of massage is usually found in the spa setting. Often times a relaxation massage can be packaged with various other spa services making it perfect for an afternoon of pampering and well... relaxation. Depending on your location, these types of massage do not always have to be performed by a licensed therapist. That is normal and it should not turn you away. Many spas have great massage services without necessarily having board certified therapists.

Medical Massage This type is a little more technical and it involves using massage to treat some type of injury or pain. Certification for a licensed massage therapist usually involves schooling and a license from the states medical board. This is very important and we do not recommend that you visit an unlicensed therapist for pain management treatment. Some conditions and injuries should not be treated with massage, a licensed therapist is going to be able to help you decide if massage is the right treatment for you.

You can find a massage therapist several different ways. Word of mouth is great way because you can get feedback from someone that you already trust. Some online locations that can help you in your search are MassageTherapyFinder.com which is massage specific or directories such as yelp and yellow pages would also be a good source. You can search social media sites like Facebook or Twitter for local massage therapist, this gives you the ability to read reviews and interact with the page manager to narrow your search.

*Within these two general categories, there are several different types of massage such as deep tissue and Swedish Massage. This will be the subject of a future article.

Preparing For Your First Visit

Congratulations, you have found the right therapist and your first session is scheduled, now what? Here are some easy tips to make your massage more enjoyable and effective.