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Thank You for considering us for your massage needs and taking the time to hear our story. Therapeutic Massage and Bodyworks has been making people feel phenomenal since 2017 and we are just getting started! We have a dynamic team of professionals who's number one priority is making you feel great!


At Therapeutic Massage and Bodyworks, we believe in sharing the benefits of massage therapy through a personal massage therapist/client connection.  We strive to be considered more than your therapist; we want you to think of us as a friend.


When you choose us as your massage therapist, you are choosing to be more than a membership number.  We work with you in a personal one-on-one manner to develop the best treatment options needed to accomplish your goals.  We believe that in order to really enjoy the benefits of massage, you need to feel comfortable and know that we share in your goals.  The atmosphere at Therapeutic Massage and Bodyworks is designed around that belief.  We treat you as we would our friends and neighbors, because that is exactly what you are.   


Our office is located just outside of the busy retail area of Belden Village.  After all, who wants to deal with busy parking lots and bumper to bumper traffic after their relaxing massage?

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