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Fit 360 3-in-1 Cavitation
Slimming System


Fit 360 Cavitation + RF is the most modern equipment in performing both cavitation and radiofrequency therapy to tone and reshape bodies. The dual action of fat melting and skin tightening works to effectively slim and satisfy clients.

This beautifully designed professional device features:

  • Ultrasonic Cavitation

  • Tripolar Radiofrequency for Face and Body

  • LED Light Therapy 


By releasing sonic energy, an ultrasonic cavitation handpiece allows for the disruption of cellular membranes in adipocytes, or fat cells. The high pressure of the ultrasound waves upon the adipocytes cause a collapse in the cells, and the fatty contents of the cells subsequently leak out into the spaces between cells. Then, the lymphatic system excretes these wastes with the help of a professional to induce lymphatic drainage. With cavitation, a high number of fat cells can be destroyed at once, so the treatment is highly effective and results are visible after just one session.

Benefits of Ultrasound Cavitation:

  • Kills fat cells on the spot

  • Leaves surrounding tissues unharmed

  • 100% safe and non-invasive

  • No downtime

  • Can be used on many areas of the body, including the chin, arms, stomach, and thighs

  • Causes no discomfort or pain to patients

  • Slims and tones areas with excess fat


Tripolar radio frequency uses three electrodes to tighten the skin. Radio frequency therapy uses currents similar to the ones found naturally in our body’s electrical circuits to cause tissues to contract, which in turn safely tighten skin and increase its contour. When the body creates resistance to the currents, heat is generated, which strengthens and refines the underlying tissues. Because of the ability of radio frequency to reach the dermal layer of the skin, the skin is made firmer while existing collagen fibers are strengthened and the production of new collagen proteins are stimulated. Aging degrades collagen proteins found naturally in our skin, so regenerating collagen production is the key ingredient to tightening the skin and therefore regaining its youthfulness. Since the time for new cell turnover is 28 days, radio frequency treatments can be repeated regularly to achieve cumulative effects. This non-invasive treatment includes absolutely no downtime, pain, or discomfort, and works wonders at reducing cellulite all over the body and erasing the signs of aging that have accumulated over the years. This device alternate between having two electrodes serve as grounding and active electrodes simultaneously, while one remains inactive. This randomization and constant switching of electrode pairing allows for more even treatments throughout the face and body.



It’s all about a healthy lifestyle!!!

3 days leading up to the treatment

  1. Do not drink alcohol.

  2. Do not eat fat, fried, and spicy foods- this may be a burden on the liver and kidneys

  3. Drink at least 1.5 liters of water per day

  4. It is highly recommended to drink 1 liter of water 2-3 hours before treatment




After the cavitation treatment, you must:

  1. Drink at least 2 liters of water per day. This is important to improve lymph flow

  2. Eat a balanced diet (not necessarily very strict)

  3. Do not abuse the consumption of alcohol, coffee, fats or carbohydrate-rich foods

  4. Start and stick to an exercise program

Ultrasound Cav.png

This treatment is among a favorite of estheticians and clients alike due to its calming effects and ability to be provided simultaneously with other treatments. It is completely non-invasive, natural, and relaxing to patients with all different kinds of skin. By soothing skin, eliminating fine lines and wrinkles, and supporting collagen and elastin production, LED light therapy is a miraculous treatment combined on our RF nozzle. This combination allows you to perform Radiofrequency and LED light therapy at the same time, saving you money, time, and effort.

Here’s how it works- different wavelengths represent different colors of the visible spectrum. These colors each have their own unique healing properties. One of the most effective wavelength ranges fall under that of Red light, renowned for improving blood flow, stimulating the production of energy within body cells, decreasing inflammation, and giving skin a much younger look and feel. In this RF handpiece, red light (650 to 730 nm) serves to rejuvenate the skin and provide many benefits, mainly from its ability to significantly improve blood flow:

  • Increases energy production in cells

  • Encourages production of elastin, collagen, and fibroblasts

  • Lifts and tightens skin in conjunction with radiofrequency

  • Softens lines and wrinkles in all areas of the face (forehead, around eyes, around mouth)

  • Alleviates acne by reducing inflammation

  • Speeds up any healing processes in the skin

  • Increases nutrient supply in the areas it affects

  • Supports hydration in the skin, relieving dry skin

  • Reduces age spots and sun damage by stimulating cellular activity



Epilepsy: We suggest to not using cavitation on patients with Epilepsy

Pregnancy/breastfeeding: It is not recommended to have this treatment under pregnancy suspicions. Ask a doctor before having this treatment.

Kidney/Renal Failure: This is an important condition. Patients will not be able to respond in a satisfactory way to this treatment.

Liver Failure: This is very high-risk condition. We cannot treat patients with this condition.

Hypertriglyceridemia and Hypercholesterolemia: These are disorders in blood lipid characterized by an increase in cholesterol levels or hypercholesterolemia and increase in triglyceride concentration or hypertriglyceridemia. It is suggested not to have this treatment done.

Thyroid condition: Consult a physician.

Others: We suggest not to treat patients with current medical treatments that involve the following: cortisone, steroids treatment, and photosensitive drugs and herbs such as psoralen and St. Johns wart.

 Note: It is recommended to consult a dermatologist and your physician to ensure it is safe to receive this treatment.

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