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Take a look at the wonderful staff members we have available to help relieve your pain and help you become more productive and energetic!


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Meet Rebekah

My name is Rebekah and I am a state licensed massage therapist.  I developed my passion for massage therapy while attending school in 2012.  I obtained my degree and immediately started practicing in 2014.  I soon realized that this is exactly what I was meant to do.  I love having the opportunity to help people with some of their greatest problems.  I see on a daily basis exactly how stress, anxiety and pain can really affect the quality of life for my clients.  The ability to help relieve that is truly a humbling experience and I cannot think of a more satisfying career choice. 


After working in a chiropractor’s office following graduation, I realized that I really wanted to take ownership of my career.  I wanted to have the ability to find my own clients so that I could develop a more personal relationship with them as I believe this is necessary to obtain all the benefits of massage.  So, after much thought and planning, my husband and I took the leap and Therapeutic Massage and Bodyworks was born.  If you are considering massage for any one of its many benefits, call me so we can discuss your options and begin our journey to helping you find the relief you deserve.

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Meet Kaylee


I attended Stark State college where I found the true meaning of massage therapy. Massage therapy comes in many ways, each to fit everyone differently. Throughout my years of schooling and working with many people, I have realized that Massage therapy was the path I was meant to follow. It’s very rewarding seeing someone become pain free and feeling better.  I began my journey with massage when I started working in a Chiropractor's office and saw how something so small like adjusting a person could change everything. 


I specialize in deep tissue, relaxation, hot stone treatment and cupping. I learned Reiki and became a certified Reiki 1. Reiki is a healing technique based on the principles that a therapist can channel energy into a patient by means of touch. I specialize in finding what modality is meant to work best for you. Next time you think of taking time to self-care and restore your energy please contact me. 


Meet Sonya

Hello, my name is Sonya and Massage therapy is a true passion of mine. I love incorporating many different techniques to alleviate pain and tension and I find exploring new modalities especially fulfilling. I have always had an affinity for natural healing. A few of the techniques I utilize include deep tissue, hot stone massage, active release techniques, myofascial release and trigger point. My goal is to aid my clients in removing pain from the body as well as relieving the stresses of everyday life.


Meet Ellen

Hello, my name is Ellen and I decided to become a Massage Therapist to help others improve their overall well-being. I enjoy helping people live happy and healthy lives. Whether you are looking to be pampered, want to reconnect with yourself, or just want an hour away from the hustle and bustle to rest and relax: I look forward to helping you on your journey to overall wellness with massage therapy. A few of my specialties are Swedish Massage, Trigger Point Therapy, Hot Stones, as well as some Myofascial Release Techniques.


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Meet Kori

Kori Jenkins has been a licensed Esthetician for over 20 years. She specializes in facials and natural skin care using clean skin care products. Her Skin Therapy services are aimed to help educate people in the North Canton and surrounding Northeast Ohio areas about choosing the right skin care products for both their health and skin needs. Her specialty is facial massage that helps you relax and includes lymphatic drainage massage to detoxify your body from everyday pollutants. She focuses on the entire experience including education, relaxation, and helping you develop a healthy skin care routine. To see all of Kori's services click the link below.

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