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Dad's need massage too!

5 Reasons dad needs a massage gift certificate.

Mother’s Day is traditionally the holiday of the spa gift card. But this year, we want you to consider giving Dad a massage gift card, too! Here are our five favorite reasons Dad needs a Father’s Day massage this year.

1. Golfing & Fishing Can Be a Pain

Yes, these traditional Dad’s Day sports can be fun, but they can also be seriously stressful. Packing up the boat and being on your feet all day casting lines can put a serious strain on your back. Golf is great, but all that walking and endless swings can make muscles tense. Instead, get Dad a gift certificate where all he needs to do is show up and lay down.

2. Promote Better Sleep

39% of men sleep less then 6 hours a night on average. But a relaxing massage that releases muscle tension can promote more restful sleep. If your pops is constantly refilling his “Best Dad Ever” mug with coffee, a gift certificate for a massage could be just the ticket!

3. Ties Are Overrated

More than likely, your father has plenty of ties. And these days, with more casual work attire becoming the norm, and many people working from home, he probably doesn’t need another. Instead of getting him a $60 tie, why not buy him a massage?

4. Show Your Attention to Detail

Although massage is the ultimate comfort, your dad could be apprehensive about getting a massage. Calm his his fears by showing you did your research not only on providers, but services, too. Show him some reviews. Then, when you give him the gift certificate, mention why you chose a particular option.

Some examples:

  • “I know you’ve had tension headaches lately, and I thought you might benefit from a Swedish massage.”

  • “You’ve been running so much lately, I thought you’d enjoy a sports massage!”

  • “I thought you’d like to try something new, so I booked you a Relaxation massage!”

5. The Pandemic

This might go without saying, but 2021 has been a really stressful year so far. COVID-19 has sent many people’s lives into turmoil. Though America is gradually reopening, many people are still under an inordinate amount of stress. Thank Dad for being a source of happiness during these strenuous times with some post-pandemic pampering.

Whatever your reason, Dad is going to love getting a gift card for a Father’s Day massage.


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